Sunday, May 8, 2011

Broad Street 10 miler...yep its flat!

Race recap time!

Broad Street 10 miler

I can say without a doubt this is one of the best races that I have run. All of the elements combine to make it friendly to every type of runner.

So this story actually starts last year at the MCM expo. Jon gets really annoyed but I have this ability to start talking to random people and at expos this is easier. So while walking through the expo I saw a booth that said Broad Street. I went up to the lady and asked her if it was Broad Street as in Broad Street Bullies, Philly Flyers? To which she said "yes, but no one in DC is a FLyers fan". After correcting her and chatting about the Flyers I filled out an entry to win a free entry into the race, and Jon filled one out too. Surprise, surprise we both got a free entry into the race!

Fast Forward 7 months and we are in Philly for the Broad Street 10 miler. We actually got a hotel near the stadium and since it was the 1st game of the Stanley Cup semi-finals we got tickets!! So after a quick trip to the packet pick-up and expo we headed to the Wells Fargo Center for the Flyers game. They lost but it was still fun!

So the next morning we drove across the street to the parking lot, got on the metro (which was free to runners) where we rode to the other end of the line for the start. We got there way to early but found ways to entertain ourselves. It was a wave start but I was in the last corral. It started at 8:30, my wave started at 9, it was a good wait! But we finally got started and it was a great race. Really hot, but it was totally flat! There is only 1 sort-of turn in the whole course.
So I found this Rita's guy while making the only turn by city hall. There was no line (which never happens in Disney) so I took advantage and stopped for a quick pic!. Jon never even saw him. I found this to be really mentally uplifting. This was the first race I had ever run by myself and by mile 6 I was really feeling the mental strain of having to push myself and do it alone! Seriously, it is a lot less fun by yourself! I pushed through and finished at the naval yard in 2:11:47, which was great for me! My only other 10 miler was 2:17:??.

One of the best things about this race is that afterwards, since you run back to your car, was that everyone tailgated the race. People had grills and pop-up tents it was awesome! I look forward to doing this race many more times. It was also the first year that they had a medal for the race. I really like it
Very sturdy and great image of city hall!

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