Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Doing better

I have been terrible about keeping up with this blog. So with all my crazy amount of free time (ha) I'm gonna try to pick this back up. Since as it states my goal is to do the Mickey Marathon and Goofy before I'm 30 (even crazier) since I realized I will meet this goal in 2015 which is the same as the 5x5x5, I think this is fate telling me something.

So I have been doing some 5K;s and 10K's this summer in an effort to run a real half marathon in the fall. Don't get me wrong I loved Princess (and my company) but we didn't really prepare, or try for that matter. This time I a running the 10th annual Baltimore Half Marathon. I believe that since I have the right training and the right partner to push the heck out of me that I might even finish in under 3 hours.

I joined a training group this summer and that was a good and bad idea. We had 2 coaches and 1 was really great and 1 was not so great. Alas, I didn't get to work with the good one until our last class yesterday. He ran with me and helped me with my cadance and speed. We worked on fartleks and breathing and it was so awesome to be learning. THAT is what a training group is supposed to do, TEACH.

So on saturday I plan to head to the starting line and run the best race I have run. I will have Jen with me. Who has become my training partner in the loopers. I appreciate her pushing me for the last few weeks, although I think I've been keeping her company on her amazing trek to run the MCM in 2 weeks. I need to remember not to kill her on Saturday, lol. Well folks the next time I post, I will be closer to my goal!