Saturday, December 3, 2011

35 days and counting

Ok so I realized tonight that is has been a majorly long time since I've posted. I have good reason...his name is Flynn. He is my current obsession. At 4 months old he is pretty much the most awesome puppy ever! (this is by far my favorite pic of him)
So because of that I have been working tirelessly on house training and general training and trying to fit in running. So blogging has not really been an option. So after a quick time outside, I know I have enough time to update.

I've considered giving a lengthy update on all of my last races but to be completely honest I wouldn't remember all of the details.

So a quick list, there was
RnR Philly half marathon - 3:09:08
Baltimore Marathon Relay - I don't really count this time it was a lot of sitting around
Marine Corps 10K - 1:27:40 (ahh the ice)
Cold Turkey 10K - 1:17:53 - 5 min PR!!

So I have learned that if you take 2 weeks off from running to relax and chase a puppy you can PR your next race by 5 minutes!!

So it is 35 days until the big 39.3!! To say I'm starting to freak out is an understatement. I am however only $100 away from my $500 goal, which makes me very happy! My current training goal is to get in some decent runs in the next few weeks without over doing it. My current race plan is that I will be running the donald half on Saturday and then will run the first half of Goofy and walk to just finish the rest of it! Only goal is to finish!!