Monday, March 14, 2011

ok so in an effort to try

So in an effort to try and a need to procrastinate from the presentation I'm writing for my class I figured I'd update.

So since tomorrow brings the scary day of registering for the Goofy Challenge I thought I would begin updating on the trials of a first marathon. Jon and I will be experimenting with training and nutrition to get ready for his first marathon (MCM) in Oct and mine in January (WDW). I'm going to need some motivator, besides starvation, to try things like GU. So we will start with review number 1.


Ok so we have been in search for an alternative to gatorade. And apparently this is what you can find when you decide to get pictures printed at Costco and you have 30 minutes to kill. Which means you start going through sample tables. As much as I love the free sausage, chips, and salad dressing they never have drinks. So when I found a table I stopped to sample. Come to find out there are 3 different flavors Pink Lemonade, Orange, and Grape. So far the Pink Lemonade is pretty tasty and the orange isn't to bad. But according to the nice lady it has more electrolytes then gatorade and the combo pack was a good price. It was $27 so for 30 packs that is about $.93 per thing, so totally cheaper. It also tastes better then the other flavor mixes out there. The others that I have tried all just make my water taste funky. I either want my water to taste good or just be water, but funky water just defeats the purpose of adding something to it.

So all in all it is pretty tasty. Not sure I would want it to replace gatorade just yet but right now I'm enjoying it for shorter and post runs!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tuesday's choice

So Jon and I have made the choice to go big or go home. So one Tuesday I will be registering us for the Goofy Challenge and a half!! It will be my first marathon and well my first goofy. I'm excited about the challenge of 39.3!! I am someone who really works hard with a goal, so I am really looking forward to getting ready for it. I need a motivator. Last year it was to PR during the Baltimore half marathon. This year it is to get ready for Goofy, and hopefully the training will help me improve in the other areas of my running.

So Jon and I are looking forward to joining our friends for a fun 39.3 in 2012!! I'm just sad Jen won't be there to join me in my first marathon! But I think I will have a ton of support from my ROTE friends!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lots of firsts

So in the last month I got married and ran another half marathon.

Jon and I got married in Walt Disney World at the Wedding Pavilion on Feb 16! It was a truly magical event. All of our friends and family were there, including our running friends, which still surprises me! I say it surprises me because traveling to Fl for a wedding is a big deal and not at all cheap. I mean we had family that refused to come due to distance and price. So it meant a lot to both of us that with only a couple months notice all but 4 of our running friends came to the wedding.

We stayed in Disney for the week with the plan to fly back down the following weekend so that I could run the Princess half marathon and we could stay in the Treehouse. However, there was a crazy amount of drama at the airport and we ended up deciding not to go. I was disappointed to miss my first race but was glad to not deal with all the stress of the quick weekend. Instead we joined in with the Jen's for a 10 mile run on Sunday. Half way through this run I realized why fate didn't let me go down to Fl again. I was coughing and having such a hard time keeping up.

Thankfully, I had the week to rest up for the following weekend for the B&A Trail half marathon. I ran the B&A with Katie and Megan and it was a very enjoyable 13.1 miles. Lots of talks about trashy reality tv, zombie attacks, and a slew of other craziness. We ended up finishing in 3:15:00 which given the rain and everything was a really good time. So we enjoyed some hot pizza and rested up. Took care of Bob after his 4th marathon and then headed off to a yummy brunch.

And this week I have had the opportunity to see exactly why our group is so close. There is no runner left behind! I am proud to call the loopers my friends and now I am off to visit with 3 teenage boys and 4lbs of chili!!