Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finding my motivation again

I'm not gonna lie, I have totally lost all motivation. I went out for a 1 mile run this morning with the puppy and that went well but I could have taken it or left it.

So I decided that I needed a new goal. I train hard for new experiences but once I realize that I can do it I seem to stop pushing myself. I decided I needed a new goal. I've been wanting to add strength training more in addition to the cardio. I really enjoy my 30 day shred dvd so I'm going to start doing that again.

But I've been kinda wanting something new. I saw that Jillian now has a fitness program, Body Revolution, downside it is is over $100. Like $130 to be exact and that is a lot to drop on DVD's. So I've made myself a deal. I will give myself $10 for everyday I do the 30 day shred DVD. When I reach 14 days I can order this new program. That way I can start developing a routine and motivating myself to do this.

Here goes nothing.