Monday, July 11, 2011

30 day challenge

I had the Howard County 5K on Sunday and it was a decent run, well I felt good about it. I also realized why I should be an Annapolis Strider. The ladies, especially Donna, made me feel so included at the race on Sunday that I went home and signed Jon and I up. I never felt that included with the HoCo striders...ever! I'm hoping that it won't be as hot next weekend when I head up to Westminster for my last 5K of the Women's Distance Festival.

Ok so I decided in addition to my goofy training that started last week I wanted to start and actually complete the 30 day shred. I'm going to do it right this time. I joined to track some of the stuff. I was on sparkpeople but I don't find it as user friendly as fitnesspal. I've also made a list of "goal" items to reward myself for doing good, losing weight, and completing the challenge. Hopefully these motivators will keep me focused and on track.

So here's hoping I can improve my strength and help my running at the same time!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ok so my goofy training is underway. I’m excited to say that I have signed up to run my Goofy race for IRun MS. It is a new fundraising tool for the MS society but instead of signing up and donating money for a walk you donate a race you have signed up for and use it to fundraise for them. I decided this is not only an excellent way to raise funds for a charity I really support, but also a way for me to motivate myself to keep training and do the best job possible. I also like that you are just fundraising. They don’t buy the entry for you, they don’t make you raise a particular amount to participate, and there are not group runs. You do your own thing, for a race you choose, and raise the money for them.

Currently, I’ve sent my goal at what I hope to be an attainable $500.00. Hopefully, I can raise more then that but that is almost $12 per mile, which I can’t really complain about. Although I do want to have some other area fundraisers so I guess I will need to do some research about that one. If anyone reading this has done fundraisers of that type before please let me know. Tips, hints, and suggestions are very much welcome!

It does seem that I am the first one to sign up for the IRun MS program for the MD chapter, so I’m really excited to be testing this out for them so soon. So if you read this and can spare it please donate and help me get to my first goal of $500. Thanks so much!

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