Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 days 30 miles

So this past weekend I suited up with Stephanie and Kyle and walked somewhere in the ballpark of 30 miles. I was happy to be doing this cause it supports a cause I believe in finding a cure for MS. I could however, have delt without the dorm beds.

Day 1: A bright, sunny, and warm 17 miles. The first 10 miles were decent, miles 11 and 12 were straight highway with now cover, sunny and HOT!! At mile 12 they had lunch set-up, we grabbed a quick turkey wrap and got on the bus so it could take us to the last 5 miles. These turned out to be the worst miles. After a 5 minute bus ride we were stiff and didn't really want to keep going. But we pushed along and finished 10, 11, & 12.

Day 2: Was, after day 1, an easy 10 miles. So we started trucking and finished in about 2 hours. This walk was seriously dull. On back roads through farm land. No animals but lots of growing corn stalks.

So all in all I leaned that I'm not ready to do 26 miles in a row and the 2nd day really isn't all that bad.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Out and about

I'm enjoying running. I like the company, the outdoors, and the prizes. However, the training by myself is kinda boring. I'm just not that motivated. Now that my classes for the semester are over I'm hoping to find my motivation again. Start running outside.

On more a more fun note I now am the proud parent of a Mickey Gnome. The game is to take MicFly to fun places and take pictures. This is what happens when you dive in full force with the loopers and the ROTE'rs. See Micfly's travels on twitter VISIT MicFly

Off to finish some cleaning and then to Wine in the Woods with Rachel!

Monday, May 3, 2010


So instead of doing the last paper before the end of the semester I'm procrastinating with re-finding my blog and updating.

I have been crazy with signing up for races so either I'm out of my mind or have been listening to the loopers too much, lol.

I'm am currently signed up for:
Women's 5K by the Bay - completed 00:36:36
Chesapeake Challenge (30 miles/2 days)
Rememberance 5K
Baltimore Women's Classic
Zooma 10K
Disney Wine and Dine relay

Oh goodness, let's see how it goes!!