Monday, March 14, 2011

ok so in an effort to try

So in an effort to try and a need to procrastinate from the presentation I'm writing for my class I figured I'd update.

So since tomorrow brings the scary day of registering for the Goofy Challenge I thought I would begin updating on the trials of a first marathon. Jon and I will be experimenting with training and nutrition to get ready for his first marathon (MCM) in Oct and mine in January (WDW). I'm going to need some motivator, besides starvation, to try things like GU. So we will start with review number 1.


Ok so we have been in search for an alternative to gatorade. And apparently this is what you can find when you decide to get pictures printed at Costco and you have 30 minutes to kill. Which means you start going through sample tables. As much as I love the free sausage, chips, and salad dressing they never have drinks. So when I found a table I stopped to sample. Come to find out there are 3 different flavors Pink Lemonade, Orange, and Grape. So far the Pink Lemonade is pretty tasty and the orange isn't to bad. But according to the nice lady it has more electrolytes then gatorade and the combo pack was a good price. It was $27 so for 30 packs that is about $.93 per thing, so totally cheaper. It also tastes better then the other flavor mixes out there. The others that I have tried all just make my water taste funky. I either want my water to taste good or just be water, but funky water just defeats the purpose of adding something to it.

So all in all it is pretty tasty. Not sure I would want it to replace gatorade just yet but right now I'm enjoying it for shorter and post runs!

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  1. Found you through ROTE - thanks for responding to my question and friending me on Daily Mile. :)

    I haven't tried too many sports drinks, but made my own the other day using this recipe:

    Not sure if it's cheaper, but I like choosing my own flavors; I made one batch with orange juice, and another with pomegranate juice.